A reliable partner for more than 30 years.

Times change - the principles remain.


The tax consulting company was founded in 1977 by Günter Bussmann. Through constant growth the company was able to develop continuously.


In addition to the location in Bielefeld, the branch office in Löhne was founded in 1993.


From 2000 onwards, the firm was expanded to include cooperation with the Bussmann & Bertels law firm in order to cover legal issues.


In 2010, the firm entered into a partnership with the associates of Elbert, Kruse & Kollegen Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG with registered office in Porta Westfalica. Due to the constantly growing demands of the clients, as well as more complex issues in tax law, the merger can increase the quality of advice to the benefit of the clients.


In this context, the range of services was expanded to include auditing by the AUDITAS GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft.